Unclaimed Federal Tax Refunds - Claim Yours Now!

Every year Uncle Sam pockets billions of dollar of unclaimed federal tax refunds.

Is any of those yours?

Claim it now before it's too late!

Do you earn too little to be required to file a tax return? It might still pay for you to file to claim a refund.

You could have too much taxes deducted from your pay. Or you might be eligible for a refundable tax credit like the Earned Income Credit or the Making Work Pay Credit.

But the IRS will not give it to you unless you ask for it. They will keep all your unclaimed IRS money until you file a tax return that explicitly asks for the unclaimed federal tax refund you deserve.

Even if the filing deadline has passed you still have a chance to file for another three years to file for your unclaimed tax refund. For example you can still file your 2011 tax return until April 15, 2015 to get the refund. After this time your unclaimed tax refund becomes the property of the US treasury.

Did you miss any tax credits or deductions?

Simply filing a tax return does not automatically give you the credits and deductions you deserve. You or your tax preparer must fill out all the necessary forms to claim every tax deduction or tax credit that you are eligible for. Missing out on these credits and deductions will substantially lower your refund.

Don't despair. Even if you filed a tax return and didn't claim certain credits or deductions you have a chance to amend it until three years after the filing due date to get the additional refund.

Browse this website to find tax credits and tax deductions you are eligible for so that you don't leave Uncle Sam any money that legally belongs to you.

Did you file for a refund but never got the check?

Many refund checks are returned to the IRS as undeliverable. Find out what you need to do if your refund check gets lost in the mail.

Updated January 27, 2015

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