Tax Audit Help

Do you worry if you'll get the tax audit help you need if you do?

Or did you get a notice that your tax return was chosen for an IRS tax audit?

There are two ways of getting tax audit help. One is by buying audit insurance and the other is by getting help once you get the audit notice or when things start getting messy.

The difference is, of course, that with audit insurance you only pay a small amount regardless of how much work needs to put into your case. The drawback is that you pay even if you don't get audited.

When hiring tax audit help only when needed, on the other hand, you risk having to pay an unlimited amount of money until your problem gets solved.

When do you really need tax audit help?

If you just get a mail-in audit then it is not always necessary to get help. But if your tax return has business or rental income or if you itemize deductions then it is preferable that somebody professional goes over your documentation with you before you send it in. This might be your tax preparer or some of the lower price audit insurances will only offer this option.

If you get an office or field audit it is highly recommended to get audit help.

It is never a good idea to meet an IRS agent alone. It is best to be accompanied by somebody with experience dealing with the IRS.

Which audit insurance should you get?

Not all audit insurances are the same.

Do not take it for granted that you will be fully represented unless it is stated clearly when you purchase the insurance.

Some will only look over your documentation while others will actually go down to the IRS with you. The same company can offer you a few levels of help to choose from.

It might be cheaper to buy the lower cost plans, but if you later need more help you will not be able to upgrade.

Please note: If you have an audit insurance plan the company might insist that every correspondence you get must be sent to them right away. This is because they want to prevent problems that might happen from sending in the wrong things.

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