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Looking to print 1040EZ income tax form for free? Here you can print the form 1040EZ plus the 1040 EZ instructions easily.

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The 1040EZ tax form like its name says is the easiest tax form available. Its a one page form with no schedules to attach. You just need to fill out this one form and you're all set to file your tax return.

But wait, before you rush to print 1040EZ you should make sure that it is the right form for you. By trying to make things easier for you, you might just lose some tax credits or benefits that you are eligible for.

Firstly, only people filing as single or married filing joint under the age of 65 with NO dependents can file form 1040 EZ.

Secondly, the only tax credit available for the 1040EZ users are Earned Income Credit.

Here are some finer points when NOT to use the 1040 EZ tax form:

  • You need to use a filing status other than single or married filing joint - even if you don't have any dependents you can still file as a head of household if you keep up the home of a qualifying person. If you choose to file form 1040EZ you will lose the larger standard deduction that a head of household gets.

  • You are eligible for other credits like Education Credits or Retirement Savings Contributions Credit (saver’s credit). These credits are NOT part of the 1040EZ income tax form.

  • You paid a student loan interest or you want to contribute toward an IRA. This is not possible when using form 1040EZ since it does not allow adjustments that reduce your taxable income
In these cases just check out form 1040A or form 1040 to get the tax breaks you deserve.

Other times when you cannot use form 1040EZ even if you want to:

  • You have self-employed income (or Form 1099MISC)

  • You have over $100,000- taxable income (see line 6 of form 1040EZ)

  • Your interest income is over $1,500.

  • You were a nonresident alien at anytime during the year.

  • You need to file married filing separately
For more details when you can or cannot file form 1040EZ see the 1040 EZ instructions.

Still want to print 1040EZ?

You can download it free here!

2011 Form 1040EZ

2010 Form 1040EZ

File 1040EZ online - it's Free!

Updated January 11, 2012

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