Use IRS Form 1040X to
Amend your Tax Return

Oops! You made a mistake on your tax return. Have no fear, you can amend your tax return with IRS form 1040X.

Mistakes happen to all of us. Sometimes it's a forgotten W2, other times it might be an overlooked credit. These errors and many others can be corrected on your tax return by filing an amended return.

The IRS form 1040X is designed with three columns. The first one is for the amounts from the original return. In the second column you need to put in the amount that has changed, either positive or negative. And the third is for the new corrected amount.

Filing an amended return will either raise or lower your tax liability and cause you to either pay more or get a refund.

Sometimes you will have to send back money because you got a too large refund with the original return. Even though you might not have a tax liability but since the original refund was higher because of the missing information, you will have to send back the money that was never rightfully yours.

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The IRS delayed some refunds.

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