Income Tax Form 1040A

Find out if income tax form 1040A is for you and download it for Free!

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If you are not eligible to file form 1040EZ you don't always have to file the long form 1040, you can still file the simpler income tax form 1040A.

Form 1040A is a form that can be used for taxpayers with dependents and/or want to claim the more common tax credits.

Here a checklist for you to see if you can use form 1040A:

Filing Status




Types of income

Form W2 - wages and tips (unreported tips must be reported on form 1040)

Household employee earning less than $1700 but didn't get a form W2.


Form 1099-R - disability pensions, IRA distributions, pensions, and annuities

Form 1099-INT - interest income

Form 1099-OID - interest income

Form 1099-DIV - dividend income and capital gains distribution (if you have an amount in box 2b, 2c, 2d you must use form 1040)

Form 1099-G - unemployment compensation

Alaska Permanent Fund dividends

Form SSA-1099 - Social security benefits

Form RRB-1099 - Railroad retirement benefits

Adjustments and deductions to lower your taxable income

Educators Expense

IRA Deduction

Student Loan Interest Deduction

Tuition and Fees

Standard Deduction

Tax Exemptions

Tax Credits

Child and Dependent Care Credit

Elderly or the Disabled Credit

Retirement Savings Contributions Credit (Saver’s Credit)

Education Credits

Child Tax Credit

Earned Income Credit

Additional Child Tax Credit

If you have a different type of income, or a deduction or credit that you might be eligible for that was not mentioned above, you need to file form 1040.

Here you can download:

2011 Form 1040A

2011 Form 1040A instructions

Updated January 10, 2012

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