File Taxes Online for Free

Did you know that you can file taxes online for free?

Filing online is a good choice for many taxpayers especially if they have a simple tax return, and you never know, you might be able to get to file it for FREE.

Now don't start thinking, that free online filing must be with second class software, not at all. Even top of the line software like Turbo Tax comes with a free online version. Mostly it will be 1040EZ filers who qualify to file their taxes online for free.

Not always is filing for free best for you since if you qualify for more credits you won't be able to do so with the free version. So a good idea is to compare the free version with the other versions to see which one fits your situation best.

If you save more taxes or get more credits with the paid version the free one is not free at all!

But if you think you qualify check out: Prepare, print and e-file your simple return with TurboTax® Federal Free Edition – it’s easy and it’s FREE! Start Now.

Or you can compare the various tax preparation products at: Which TurboTax Is Right For You? And choose the one that will give you the options you need so that you can get the maximum refund legally possible. Even if you choose a paid version you will always start for free and you have time to pay when you are ready to file or print.

You can also take advantage of the Free Tax Advice from TurboTax®: Get guidance from a knowledgeable tax expert so you are confident your taxes are done right.

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IRS Refunds Delayed!

The IRS delayed some refunds.

Read the latest updates about refund delays here.

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See if you are eligible for a tax credit.

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