Earned Income Credit Schedule

The earned income credit schedule is called Schedule EIC. Without this form you cannot claim a child for the earned income credit.

This form has now three columns because you can put information for up to three children in it. For each child you need to fill out the following:

  1. Name

  2. Social security number

  3. Year of birth.

  4. Line 4 only needs to be filled in if the child is over nineteen, or older than you are.

  5. Student – the child needs to be under age 24 and a full-time student for part of any 5 calendar months of the year.

  6. Disabled – the child is permanently or totally disabled. This child can be any age and even older than you to qualify.

  7. Relationship - child MUST be related to you by blood or adoption as mentioned here.

  8. Fill in the months you and the child lived in your home together. When filling out the line about months living in your home you need to know a few special rules.

    • Since the child needs to live with you over 6 months to be eligible, if the child lived with you only six months and one day, the amount on this line will be “7”.

    • My clients always ask me, “Why did you put in “12 month” as time lived with you when my child is only two months old?” When a child was born (or died) during this year and your home was the child’s home for the entire time he or she was alive the IRS requires you to put in 12 months.

Here you can download the new 2012 earned income credit schedule.

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Updated November 15, 2012

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