Child Tax Credit Worksheet

This child tax credit worksheet gives you step-by-step instructions on calculating the federal child tax credit.

Here you can see what you need to fill in on every line:

  1. Enter the number of qualifying children and multiply this number by $1,000. To see which child qualifies check out claiming child tax credit .

  2. Here you enter your adjusted gross income (AGI) which can be found on form 1040 line 38 or form 1040A line 22.

  3. Depending on your filing status you will enter the indicated amount, $55,000-,$75,000- or $110,000-

  4. Now you will deduct line 3 from line 2 rounding the amount to the next thousand ($376 will become $1,000 and $3,891 will become $4000-)
    If line 3 is larger than line 2 just write "0" and skip to line 6.

  5. multiply line 4 by 5% or .05

  6. Subtract line 5 from line 1. Only if you have a positive number you can continue (a negative number means you are not eligible).

  7. Before you continue you must make sure you calculated all other tax credits that you are going to claim

  8. Now you enter your tax amount (1040 line 46 or 1040A line 28).

  9. Now you will add up all the tax credit amounts indicated on the child tax credit worksheet.

  10. and subtract line 8 from line 7. This is the amount available to be deducted.

  11. Compare line 6 and line 9 and enter the smaller one on line 10 and on your 1040 tax form (1040 line 51 or 1040A line 33). This is your child tax credit amount!

Note: If line 6 is larger than your child tax credit amount you might be eligible for additional child tax credit.

Please note: You might need to use Publication 972 in the following situations:

If you filed the following credit forms:

    Form 8396(Mortgage Interest Credit)
    Form 8859 (DC Homebuyer Credit)
    Form 5695 (Residential Energy Credit)
You excluded income from Peurto rico or filed one of these forms:
    Form 2555
    Form 4563

Updated November 16, 2017

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