Affordable Health Care Act Tax Credits

Did you know that the Affordable Health Care Act also known as Obama-care has two tax credits that will help you pay your health insurance premiums?

Most people are aware of the health insurance mandate that forces people to have health insurance coverage by imposing a penalty for those who don't have. But very few are aware of the tax credits that will help people who simply can't afford to pay the minimum premiums.

The Affordable Health Care Act's health insurance mandates (There are two mandates, an individual's and an employer's. Both will take affect in 2014.) don't include individuals for whom the lowest level health insurance premiums are more than 8% of their income and employers that have less than 50 employees.

So to encourage these people to purchase health insurance for them or their employees, the Act included two new tax credits; one for employees and one for individuals.

  1. Small Business Health Care Tax Credit is a credit for employers with fewer than 25 full time employees. Employer will get reimbursed as much as 35% (eventually this will be raised to 50%) of the health insurance premiums they pay for their employees.
  2. Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit is for families and individuals with a low income. The tax credit will pay for the difference between an amount that the government feels that you can afford (according to the income and family size) the actual insurance premium amount. This credit is not available yet but will go into affect in 2014.

This is the first time that a health insurance tax credit is available. Until the Affordable Healthcare Act the only tax help for paying for health insurance were tax deductions like the self employed health insurance deduction or the medical expense itemized deduction.

Tax credits are more valuable than tax deductions, since the tax deduction just reduces the taxable amount but a tax credit will reduce the actual tax.The tax credit for individuals and families is also refundable meaning that you can get a refund even though you do not owe any tax.

    The only tax credit that was available until now is the Health Coverage Tax Credit. This credit is for people who receive Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) or are over 55 years and receiving pension payments from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).

    This program pays 72.5% of the health insurance premiums.

    Another time there was a health insurance credit was prior to 1994 when part of the earned income credit was a credit for paying health insurance premiums for at least one child.

Other ways to benefit from paying health insurance is:

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