Trump's Tax Reform

Trump tax reform is becoming law! Check out our tax calculator (updated December 20 2017) to see how it will affect YOU!!!!

Will you win or lose from Trump's Tax reform? Here is an easy to use calculator that will help you figure out if Trump tax cut will be good for you.

The best way to make use of this calculator is by filling in the info of your 2016 tax return. When you get the result you will know exactly how much your taxes will change from this plan.

Unlike other calculators out on the web we included accurate child tax credit amounts taking in account phase out and credit limits.

Trump Tax Reform Calculator
Enter your total income: (Adjusted Gross Income)
Enter your business income: (like sole proprietership, LLC, S corp, or rental real estate.)
What is your filing status?
Home mortgage interest paid:
Charitable deductions:
Real Estate taxes: (less than $10,000)
Medical deductions:

Taxable Income:


Children age under 17 years of age:
Other dependents (include only dependents other than children listed above):
Other tax credits: (include non-refundable credits except for child tax credit)

Child and Family Tax Credit:

Tax less Credits:

Other taxes:(include other taxes like self employment tax)

Total Tax Liability:

Additional Child Tax Credit:

Other Payments:(include tax withheld prepayments of tax and refundable credits except for additional child tax credit)

Refund or Amount Owed:

Copyright 2017

Disclaimer: Although we strive to make this calculator as accurate as possible; working out every detail with the original text of the proposed law, we were unable to include every single Provision from the Trump Tax Reform proposal. Accuracy will be decreased if you have a lot of income from Capital Gains and Pass-through entities or if your income is over one million (or 1.2 million for married filing jointly).

Trump's Tax plan will impact everybody! How will it affect YOU?

We've taken the guesswork out of Trump's Tax Cut and we now have winners and losers.

Some of our real life examples are: a single earning $32K will gain $684; a couple earning $70K saves $1582; and a family of two parents and 3 kids with a $131K income saves $3911. However a couple earning 52K who itemized will lose $372.

Experiment with our calculator and tell share with us what you see!

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Yes, I am a winner . . . 
Sounds like I am one of the lucky ones . . . We are a family of five filing a joint return. Our income is $73,000 and our savings will be $1678.

Tiny Corporations get a tax hike Not rated yet
The 21% corporate tax rate is definitely historical but nobody is mentioning the losers in this deal; the corporations earning less than $50K. Until …

One Thousand Dollars Not rated yet
Yes, we will save one thousand dollars. We are filing jointly with an income of $50K. However, percentage-wise we are saving just one percent . . .

Itemizers are the losers Not rated yet
We are earning almost $68,000 and itemizing. In Trump's plan we will lose $741-. Possibly we will lose more since we hear that Trump will do away with …

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How will Trumps Tax Reform Affect YOU?

Check out this new calculator, to see how much you will gain or lose.

Get your exact child tax credit amount with Trump's new Family tax credit.

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