Which 1040 Income Tax Form do YOU need?

Every federal income tax return needs to be filed on a 1040 income tax form. But do you know which one is right for you?

First, let's see what the form 1040 is?

The 1040 tax form is like the base form. It will include a summary of your income and tax computations. All deductions and credits are calculated on various schedules which get attached to it.

The federal form 1040 comes in a few different versions, each one is made to be used for a different purpose.

Let's get familiar with the various 1040 income tax forms available, so that you can find the one that you need.

Form 1040

This is the standard federal income tax form. It is called the long form because you can include with it all credits and forms available. Most tax returns can be filed with this form although for some it is easier to use the shorter forms like form 1040A and form 1040EZ.

Form 1040EZ

As its name says this is an easy one page form. It is made for single and married filing joint filers with no dependents. No schedules can be attached to it, limiting the amount of filers eligible to use this form.

Form 1040A

Form 1040A is a shortened form that can be used by very many filers. Although it does not include ALL schedules like the form 1040, it does include many popular schedules making a lot of people eligible for it. All filing statuses plus filers claiming dependents can use this form.

Form 1040X

What happens when you make an error on your tax return? Which form do you use now? For this the IRS created a special form called form 1040X. You use this form to amend your tax return.

Form 1040NR

This form is used by Non-resident aliens who have to file a US tax return.

Form 1040PR

This form is used by people living in Puerto Rico. Instructions for this form is usually in Spanish.

There are other 1040 income tax forms that serve a different purpose. These are:

  • Form 1040V which is a voucher that is used when paying taxes owed on your tax return

  • Form 1040ES is used to report and pay estimated taxes throughout the year.

Some states also call their forms 1040 like form NJ-1040 in New Jersey.

Now that you know which form you need to use, browse this site for more information on tax credits and tax deductions .

Updated January 6, 2014

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